The project timepiece is inspired by the 12th of the 72 poetic microseasons in Japan that is called kaminari sunawachi koe o hassu (雷乃発声), or the rumbling of the distant thunder, which falls at the end of the Spring Equinox in Japan. Drawing from this inspiration, the design shows a visual interpretation of the kaminari (雷) through the meticulously hand-finished graining on the brass dial base, radiating a frosted yellow gold hue. Beneath the surface lies a hand-finished manually wound movement adorned by artisanal techniques that includes anglage, perlage, and frosting.

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A Personal Horological Journey

Nico Moreno is a Manila-born entrepreneur and watchmaker with a background in Physics and Materials Science. Nico's journey led him to Tokyo, Japan, where he enhanced his skills and crafted Kaminari, a testament to his passion in artisanal watchmaking techniques.

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