The Moreno logo draws inspiration from the Japanese Kamon (家紋), a symbol of heritage and identity. Each element of the logo reflects the artisanal techniques employed in the decoration of Moreno timepieces, echoing a commitment to craftsmanship and tradition.

The outer outline symbolizes anglage, representing the refined polishing of beveled bridges in the mechanical movement. The black geometric pattern within the logo signifies the path components take as they are carefully hand-pressed on abrasives during the frosting process. And the silhouette of overlapping circles lies inside the black geometric pattern, mirroring the spots on the perlage finish.

At the center of the logo lies a balance wheel, symbolizing the heart of every mechanical watch movement. It serves as a reminder of the commitment to the spirit and purpose of the craft.

Finally, the color of the logo, 'kuwacha (桑茶色),' is also a nod to traditional Japanese culture, reminiscent of the warm, earthy tones of mulberry tea (桑茶). Apart from the similarity that the color tone shares with the frosted finish of the brass components of the watch, this rich hue embodies the timeless beauty and sophistication of our brand, reflecting our fusion of heritage and innovation.